Robin Haddow

Guitarist with WYSIWYG

"We got set up and carried out our soundcheck and found it was a really nice sound.  Once we started playing everybody was up dancing...I think more bands should play there, it's a great venue."


Judy Hamilton

Local Councillor

"Linton Lane Centre is right in the heart of the community, it really is about whoever comes in that door and whatever they need.  Mandy knows this community like the back of her hand, knows the people and the centre is very flexible no matter what you need whether that is a cup of tea or a class in something to help you progress.  I believe that in Kirkcaldy we have a very practical benefit from the Centre being here, we can meet here, we have a foodbank operating out of here there are clubs for children, clubs for elderly.  Nobody needs to be without anything to do in this area."

Rod Cavanagh

Local Councillor

"Linton Lane Centre is an absolutely vital resource in this area and it is o rewarding to see the volunteers meeting this humanitarian need and I understand that the Centre will be providing at least 70 plus dinners on Christmas Day alone for the local community and a very laudable effort it is indeed."