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The Grey Panthers

12:15 - 2:15pm

"I enjoy the exercises we are getting every other week, they are brilliant and keep you supple.  I enjoy the club very much.  It is run very well and we all enjoy ourselves.  We have trips, we have Christmas dinner, things like that and we have quizzes and bingo.  We have a really good time.   I would advise anybody  to come along, they would be very welcome" - Jean

"I enjoy coming to the club because I feel it’s getting me out the house.  I used to sit in the house every day, seven days a week feeling depressed but since I’ve come here and met people I’ve been a lot better.  It’s a lovely place to come to, everybody’s friendly and the staff can’t do enough for you." - Mary

"I enjoy coming here every Wednesday because they’re such nice ladies and we do games and things like that and I like to mix with the people.  I really look forward to it because it’s my day out and I would definitely recommend it because it gets together people of like minds." - Wilma

"I come down here every week and everybody is so friendly including the staff.  It gets you out.  I wasn’t really going out very much but since I’ve been here I’ve got this group of friends now and what a difference it makes to your life." - Joyce


Helima Mutch

"Hi, my name is Helima Mutch and I’m the owner of Mutch More Active.  I come along to Linton Lane once a fortnight and I do gentle exercises with the Grey Panthers.  They’re a lovely group and all look after each other, you get so much enjoyment from them and I love coming along to see them.  I would advise people to come along as they get company with each other, there’s lots going on.  They have their Halloween parties, their Christmas parties, their Easter parties and they go on outings.  You can take the ring and ride service here or can ask for someone at the group to help with arranging transport."

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