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Meet Our Team

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Zoe Lynch Co- Manager

Mandy Hunter CEO

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Alan westwater
Linton Lane Administrator

I come from a background of youth working mainly through the YMCA where I have worked for 34 years and I have been working at the Linton Lane Centre as an administration assistant since around 2000.

I only work part time at the Centre but because I have a background in youth work and working on projects I do find that I am consulted and included often by management in some of the decision making.

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Ann Rintoul

I came to the Linton Lane Centre eight years ago to help out with the Grey Panthers group and I have been here ever since helping out as a volunteer and then in 2020 I became Chairperson of the group.

I was always part of a team when I used to work with a playgroup so I have always enjoyed teamwork. I really like hearing the stories of the members of the group and seeing them enjoying the social interaction which some of them do not have much of outside of the weekly group.

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George Lindsay

I am semi-retired, a full-time carer for my wife and have been a volunteer here at the Linton Lane Centre for 5 years.  I help out at the Grey Panthers Club and I am also a member of the Board here.  In the past I worked as a gardener for 25 years at Victoria Hospital and carried out volunteer work at Fife Carer’s Centre helping young carers and I was also a mini bus driver for Valley Primary School.

I really like to see people coming in who may be on their own and then seeing them having a chat with the other members of the Grey Panthers and seeing the change on their face when they begin to relax and have a good time. 

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