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Joint Manager

My name is Zoe and I started off my career by attending a theatre school in Edinburgh where I studied dance and drama where I achieved the qualifications to teach and perform.  For a while I did perform in pantomimes and various other acting roles but I was always more interested in teaching.

 For a time I was at the Linton Lane Centre teaching Line Dancing before I met with my now business partner Amber and went on to open The Party Place in Kirkcaldy organising parties.  We then went on to concentrate more on providing dancing lessons and this is how Stages Dance School came about. We started at the Adam Smith and then moved up here to Linton Lane. So all in all I have been involved with Linton Lane for over 20 years so when the position of manager came up I thought this would be something I would love to do.

Working in this role has been a real eye opener.  Though I have been part of Linton Lane for a long time it is not until you see it from this side that you realise the importance of the Centre to the community, the variety of people who we help.  There is a lot to learn but it has been really interesting and enjoyable meeting all the different groups and understanding their needs and also meeting partner organisations and finding out how exactly we all work on conjunction towards a common goal.

I am amazed that Mandy was able to run the place by herself for so long.  I find it really useful having a co-manager as we can use each other as sounding boards to try out ideas with which I have found really helpful.

I would like to see the future of the Centre including activities available for teenagers. We used to have this in the Centre and I would really like to see us have it back again.  There isn’t a great deal of opportunities for young people in the local area and I think that if we could provide something then it could help them develop interests and go on to have a more enjoyable and rewarding life. 

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