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Episodes 41 to 50

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Welcome to Linton Lane's community podcast.  Each week we try to highlight a charity , service or local event which is providing benefit to the local area.


Episode 41...Clued Up

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Clued Up aims to provide a comprehensive, “youth friendly” substance misuse support and information service for young people under-25 in the Fife area.


It also aims to encourage young people to make positive lifestyle changes to assist them to become responsible and active members of their own communities and society as a whole.

Today I am speaking with Kev Scott, team leader at the Clued Up Project to find out about the difference they are making in the Fife area.

Clued Up
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Kev Scott

Team Leader


Episode 42...Sands Fife

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Sands Fife is part of a national stillbirth and neonatal death charity offering bereavement support and advice to those who have undergone the tragic loss of a child which; this includes the friends and extended family members who have been affected.   

Among their services is their Christmas pack which is made up of advice and tips for those living with their loss at this time of year.

Today I am speaking with volunteer Janice Norris to find out more about the Fife Sands project.

Janine Norris


Sands Fife
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Episode 43...Fife Community Interpreting Service

Fife Community Interpreting Service is a charity which has been providing interpreters and translators for the migrants in the Fife Community and beyond for over 25 years.

Working closely with groups like Citizens Advice and the Health Services its aims are to ensure those who arrive in the UK lacking a fluency in English receive the support they need with accurately registering documentation and with the vital communication of health related issues.

Today I am speaking with Company Secretary Jim Cooper to find out more about FCIS and the people they support.

Jim Cooper

Company Secretary

Fife Community Interpreting Service
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