From Ozzy To Onnie

Presenter Dougie Hunter past and present

“From Ozzy to Onnie, and beyond!” is a personal lifetime journey influenced from a very early point by one central theme – music! Having inadvertently gained a very considerable and varied grounding as a teenager living in Kirkcaldy, and meeting Ozzy Osbourne in a local bar, this set me on course to propel myself into the world of music, and spend time with musicians around the globe, including a resident of New York City, and Average White Band guitarist Onnie McIntyre, who is a good friend. Included in all of this and sometimes providing the glue in between, is a period of over 30 years spent playing with “Lights Out By Nine” who have done a good number of things that a lot of people may not be aware of. This radio and podcast series will explore and explain all of this, and more! DH.


"In the Beginning"

Episode 1 Part 1
00:00 / 25:02
Episode 1 Part 2
00:00 / 26:54

"YM - Blues,Prog, country and ROCK"

Episode 3 Part 1
00:00 / 22:18
Episode 3 Part 2
00:00 / 25:33

"YM -The Soul Years"

Episode 2 Part 1
00:00 / 26:36
Episode 2 Part 2
00:00 / 27:21


Episode 4 part 1
00:00 / 27:53
Episode 4 part 2
00:00 / 25:47
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