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Episodes 31 to 40

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Welcome to Linton Lane's community podcast.  Each week we try to highlight a charity , service or local event which is providing benefit to the local area.


Episode 31...Kirkcaldy Speakers Club


For most people public speaking is not something which comes naturally and can in fact fill some people with a feeling of dread.  Kirkcaldy Speaker’s Club is a long standing organisation which aims to provide assistance to people who find trouble with public speaking and give them the tools to express themselves in any situation with confidence.

I’m speaking today with Jan Lowe, Kirkcaldy Speaker’s Club president to find out about more about the background of the group and how they go about helping people find their voice.

Jan Lowe


Kirkcaldy Speakers Club
00:00 / 12:50

Episode 32...Fife Forum


Fife Forum is a Kirkcaldy based charity whose goal is ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to remain feeling connected to and part of the community regardless of age or social circumstance.

It aims to do this by ensuring that people are aware of their entitlements, identifying the specific needs and interests of people in the community, and ensuring that this information is made available to policy makers and those responsible for implementing and delivering services. 

While targeted mainly at the elderly population, Fife Forum also provides a service helping those aged between 16 and 64 offering, among other things help with benefits checks. 

I’m speaking to day with Joint Team Leader Fiona Crowe to discuss the ways in which Fife Forum deliver its service to the people of Fife.

Fiona Crowe

Joint Team Leader

Fife Forum
00:00 / 09:10

Episode 33...Circles Network Advocacy


Circles Network Advocacy provides professional independent person centred advocacy for young people and adults across Fife.


They enable people to express their views and choices on a range of issues relating to their lives and ensure that their voice is heard.


They support people who are affected by mental and physical ill health, drug dependency, chronic or long term illness and people receiving self-directed support.

Today Pamela is talking with Service Manager Carolann Haddow to find out more about the services Circles Advocacy provide

Carolann Haddow

Service Manager

Circles Network Advocacy
00:00 / 11:06

Episode 34...The Sunshine Kitchen


The Sunshine Kitchen is a kitchen project for young adults with additional needs who require ongoing support to be part of a working environment.


They attend organised activities and in return have the opportunity to make and market food products as well as gaining valuable experience as part of a working team.  Today Pamela is speaking with Project Manager Gayle Nelson to find out more about what they do.

Gayle Nelson

Project Manager

The Sunshine Kitchen
00:00 / 12:18

Episode 35...Fife Carers Centre


Fife Carers Centre offers comprehensive support to individuals in Fife who are providing vital care for a relative, friend or neighbour in their lives.  Often people can be unaware of the benefits they are entitled to as many do not see what they are doing as being a carer rather seeing it as being a dutiful adult child, sibling or friend.  But the Centre aims to make people aware of the support which is there for them, not only financial but also emotional and even legal advice.


I’m speaking today with Training and Information Officer Lesley Childs to find out about the help the Carers Centre can provide.

Lesley Childs

Trianing and Information Officer

Fife Carers Centre
00:00 / 10:57

Episode 36...Cosy Kingdom


Cosy Kingdom is a free and impartial energy advice service available to all tenants and homeowners across Fife.   It’s a partnership with Greener Kirkcaldy, St Andrews Environmental Network and Citizens Advice and Rights Fife. 


I’m speaking today with Michael Hildrew who is an energy advisor to tell us more about what they do.

Michael Hildrew

Energy Advisor

Cosy Kingdom
00:00 / 10:27

Episode 37...Scottish Autism

Scottish Autism 2.jpg

Established in 1968 by a group of parents, Scottish Autism is now the largest provider of autism specific services in Scotland. 

They seek to assist those diagnosed with autism to lead fulfilling lives and be recognised as valuable members of their community whilst also sharing their knowledge and expertise with parents, carers and other professionals.

From their headquarters in Alloa they now employ 900 staff providing national support across Scotland.

Today new presenter Marc Mowbray is speaking with manager of the charity’s One Stop Shop Charlie Marr to learn more about what the organisation offers.

Charlie Marr

One Stop Shop Manager

Scottish Autism
00:00 / 10:51

Episode 38...Relationships Scotland

photo Mieke 2.jpg

Relationships Scotland is a nationwide charity which has been running for over 50 years and provides couple and individual counselling to those whose relationship may be in trouble or may have ended and require assistance adjusting.  With two branches here in Fife it can be an essential aid for those in need of a non-judgemental  and non partial third person to help them through their difficulties.

I’m speaking today with Centre Manager Meike Van der Zijpp to find out what services are offered.

Relationships Scotland
00:00 / 08:56

Mieke van der Zijpp

Centre Manager

Episode 39...Nourish Support Centre


Nourish Support Centre began in Kirkcaldy in 2011 as a grass roots support group created by and for parents of children with additional support needs.  In the ten years since it has grown into a major charity now supporting over 500 people in Fife and last year moved in to their new dedicated  Family Support Centre at Elizabeth House in Mitchelston Estate where they provide a wealth of activities and support groups. 


This week they are celebrating their 10th anniversary along with a recent achievement award by Youth First and on top of that they are launching their new Christmas Campaign. 

I’m speaking today with Founder Lynne Scott to find out what is on offer at one of Kirkcaldy’s most successful home grown charities.

Lynne Scott

Nourish Founder

Nourish Support Centre
00:00 / 09:55

Episode 40...Fife Women's Aid

Lynda 1.jpg

Fife’s Women’s Aid works towards reducing domestic abuse towards women and children and offers several services which offer people essential aid in changing their circumstances and removing themselves from harmful relationships.


This support ranges from initial phone support all the way to rehousing and court and advocacy support.  They are also presently running their annual Christmas appeal which Linton Lane has joined in with as a drop off point.

My guest today is Fife Women’s Aid Operational Lead Lynda Carey.

Lynda Carey

Operational Lead

Fife Women's Aid
00:00 / 16:58
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