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Down The Lane With...

Episodes 21 to 30

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Welcome to Linton Lane's community podcast.  Each week we try to highlight a charity , service or local event which is providing benefit to the local area.


Episode 21...Christians Against Poverty


Christians Against Poverty are a national charity who work with churches to help those in their local communities manage debt problems and help them find their way out of circumstances which can, when left untreated lead to those concerned facing terrible situations. 

Formed in 1996 they offer a free debt counselling service which is open to everyone regardless of people’s beliefs or church membership; and in 2020 alone they helped 16,000 people navigate the anxiety of financial worries. 

​I’m joined today by Pamela Henderson, Burntisalnd and Kirkcaldy Debt Centre Manager to find out about how exactly CAP goes about tackling these issues and what measures they take to help those facing hardship.

Pamela Henderson- Kirkcaldy

and Burntisland

Debt Centre Manager

Christians Against Poverty
00:00 / 12:30

Episode 22...Royal National Lifeboat Institution


The Royal National Lifeboat Institution are perhaps one of the most well-known and well respected charities in the UK; this is due, in part to the fact that living on an island we are constantly surrounded by the potential dangers of our coastal waters.

I’m speaking today with Michael Baxendine, chairperson of the Kirkcaldy fundraising branch of the RNLI to talk about what role the lifeboats have played in the lives of Britons over the last 200 years and how people can get involved and support them in the vital service they provide.

Michael Baxendine

Fundraising Chairperson

Royal National Lifeboat Institution
00:00 / 10:55

Episode 23...Seescape


For over 150 years the Fife Society for the Blind provided support for people in the community who were experiencing vision impairment.  In 2019 the name changed to Seescape.  The organization felt this name change was more suited to the 21st century and fell in with their mission statement “to expand the horizons for people with sight impairment”.

This is something they are achieving through a variety methods including expanding greatly into modern technology which they open up to public display at their roadshows, traditionally held four times a year throughout Fife 

I’m speaking today with Elaina Hutchison, Seescape Rehabilitation Officer to discuss how Seescape are assisting people in maintaining their independence and providing opportunities for them to lead fulfilling and engaging lives.

Elaina Hutchison

Rehabilitation Officer

00:00 / 14:39

Episode 24...The Oasis Project - Trust in Fife


Karen Frame

Residential Support Worker

Trust in Fife is the Kirkcaldy based organisation which in several ways tackles the issue of homelessness in Fife.  One of the services they provide is supported homeless accommodation via their two Centres - The Oasis Project and the Valley Accommodation Unit.


These services aim to guide people back to independent living and are part of a holistic approach that Trust in fife adopts in treating the many problems that people who find themselves without a home have to deal with.


I’m speaking today with Karen Frame, Residential Support Worker at the Oasis Project located at Ellon Road in Kirkcaldy to find out what help the Centre provides for those living between homes.

The Oasis Project
00:00 / 12:22

Episode 25...FRASAC


Fife Rape and Sexual Assault Centre provide free and confidential support to anyone over the age of 12 who has experienced sexual violence at any time in their lives.  

 Their team include Advocacy Workers specialising in supporting people through the Criminal Justice process and Support Workers including Young Persons workers working on a one to one and group basis.

​Today guest presenter Pamela Henderson is speaking with Mandy Ferguson, Sexual Violence Support Worker, to discuss the issues surrounding sexual assualt and what services FRASAC provide.

Mandy Ferguson

Sexual Violence Support Worker

00:00 / 10:37

Episode 26...Walking Football

The increasing popular sport of walking football is something which has given many people a new lease of life and for some has reconnected them with a sport they may have enjoyed earlier in life or before health conditions limited their activities.

It also offers those taking part the opportunity to make new friends and become part of a social group whose activities often continue off the field including, nights out, trips to other towns and even abroad.

Today Michael is speaking with Linton Lane Centre Volunteer of the Year George Lindsay and Raith Rovers Community Foundation volunteer Stephen McCrimmon, both walking footballers to find out what they get out of the sport and how other people can get involved.

George Lindsay and

Stephen Mcrimmon

Walking Footballers

George and Stephen final.jpg
Walking Football
00:00 / 15:14

Episode 27...FASS

Helen and Sarah - Copy.jpg

Sarah White & Helen Hutton

Alcohol Counellor and

Counsellor Co-ordinator

Fife Alcohol Support Service is a Kirkcaldy based charity which offers one to one alcohol counselling across Fife to those directly affected by alcohol dependency and those around them.

Today I am speaking with Alcohol Counsellor Sarah White and Counselling co-ordinator Helen Hutton to find out more about FASS and the services they provide.

00:00 / 13:48

Episode 28...FIRST

Kelly and Jeanie.jpg

Kelly Bolton Service Administrator &

Jeanie Nowland Business Manager

Fife Intensive Rehabilitation and Substance Use Team are a Kirkcaldy based rehabilitation service offering one to one counselling, peer support and group rehabilitation along with residential rehabilitation to those in Fife who are living with a debilitating drug or alcohol dependency issue.

I’m speaking today with Kelly Bolton and Jeanie Nowland to find out more about the FIRST Project and what exactly goes into helping people getting their lives back on track.

00:00 / 12:49

Episode 29...Kirkcaldy Strong


Lisa May Young


Kirkcaldy Strong is a grassroots organization which aims to help the community profit from improved networking amongst the local charities and service providers and increase awareness to the mutual benefits these interactions can deliver.

I’m speaking today with founder Lisa May Young to discuss the group’s origins and also their charity walk on September 11th to raise funds for the Linton Lane Centre

Kirkcaldy Strong
00:00 / 09:15

Episode 30...KASP

Niamh 2 3.jpg

Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project provides support to adults who have been through childhood sexual abuse and gives them the tools they need to overcome the debilitating effects that their experiences have had on them.

I’m speaking today with KASP’s Young Person’s Support Worker Niamh Govers to discuss her role in the organization and what assistance KASP offers the survivors in our community.

Niamh Govers

Young Persons Support Worker

00:00 / 13:50
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