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Nifty 50s


12:00 noon - 2:00pm



Group members Ellen McLure, Ina Coull, and Mary Walters

"I like coming here because it gets you out and about and you meet new people and the soup’s good! You meet new people, everybody gets on, we do exercises and we just have a laugh" - Ellen

"I’ve been coming here for three months now and the reason I like coming here is, yes you get out of the house, meet people and have a laugh but one of the things I like most, apart from having lunch, is the fact that there is a variety of activities so one week we may do bingo or dominoes and sometimes craft things.  It’s just really enjoyable, you never really know what they’re going to come up with next.  The staff are really good natured and I would advise anybody who felt they needed company to come along" - Ina

"I like coming along to the group because they’re nice people, we all have a laugh and we all get our soup and have games of bingo.  And of course I would advise anybody else to come and join the group" - Mary

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