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Caitlin, 26, is one of our teachers at Stages. Caitlin started Jazz and Tap at the age of 5 and still takes part in classes to this day including Heel and Stage Performance. 

When it came to leaving school Caitlin was very unsure of what she wanted to do. She then had her heart set on fitness as she enjoyed exercise and the similarities to dance. Caitlins qualifications include NC Higher in Sports and Fitness and a HNC in Fitness, Health and Exercise, making her a qualified fitness instructor. 

As Caitlin continued to dance at Stages, Zoé asked her to come along to the Monday Jazz and Tap classes to assist in teaching the classes. After a while of doing this we asked Caitlin to start her own class as part of the Stages team and she now teaches our Commercial class that runs on a Thursday. 


“I love to see the smile on the kids faces when you break down a step and help them understand it better. I can’t imagine not being part of the Stages family now as it’s been my life since the age of 5!”

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