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Saule is 14 years old and goes to Viewforth High School. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old but started dancing with Stages when she was about 8. Saule attends our stage performance class. She is currently trying to achieve her Duke of Edinburgh bronze award; it's a course where Saule has to volunteer for 3 months and she has chosen to help out with the junior hip-hop class at Stages. Saule has been helping with the class for the past few months. We have also asked Saule to come along and help assist with our pre-school pumpkins class that runs on a Thursday afternoon.
“Since the very start I've had a warm welcome from kids. I love to see the progress the kids make each week and how enthusiastic they are for dance. Working with the kids also is helping me with my leadership and communication skills which will be essential for me in the future.”

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